a very real world reaction to the superhero concept

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from John Winchester’s Journal

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Why You Shouldn’t Take Selfies Right Next to a Moving Train

im sorry but

The Future
  • 2013: Iron Man 3 comes out
  • 2013: Robert Downy Jr. legally has his named changed to Tony Stark
  • 2014: The now Tony Stark unveils his new company Stark Industries, dedicated to researching the technology needed to created things from the Marvel universe.
  • 2016: The first Arc Reactor construction begins, a major breakthrough in solving the energy crisis.
  • 2017: Stark Industries is the leading producing of arms and energy sources.
  • 2020: Tony unveils the very first combat ready Iron Man suit.
  • 2020: Tony Stark hires Samuel L. Jackson to be his representative to the United Nation
  • 2020: The U.N. approves Tony as the first internationally recognized privately owned peacekeeper.
  • 2021: The U.S. Government creates a organization dedicated to supporting Tony's military actions, at Tony's request Samuel L. Jackson is appointed head of S.H.I.E.L.D. under the codename Nick Fury
  • 2023: Stark Industries begins researching into genetic maniuplation.
  • 2024: Stark Industries produces a Telsla coil/Hammer hybrid
  • 2024: Chris Hemsworth receives a invitation to join SHEILD, he accepts.
  • 2026: Chris Evans, Jeremy Renner, Mark Ruffalo, and Scarlett Johansson all volunteer for genetic alteration and increased lifespan.
  • 2026: Agent "Nick Fury" announces to the world the completion of the Avengers
  • 2027: 2nd in command of SHIELD: Clark Gregg legally changes his name to Phil Coulson and runs for president
  • 2028: The world enjoys uninterrupted peace.



John, what is your face, John.






This is so embarrassing I hope none of y’all act like this in public around other human beings omfg






#you know thor is gonna go throw his room all ‘I USED TO HAVE ONE!’ just so he can give it to jane so she can take apart    #maybe he can’t find out and asks volstagg for one bc his kids have 300    #but also!!! THAT SOMETHING AS SIMPLE AS AN ASGARDIAN BALL IS SO ADVANCED    #and jane finds such wonder in it    #and even when she realised that it’s ball it doesn’t take away from it    #and thor doesn’t mock her for it    #he thinks it’s cute    #he’s definitely gonna find that ball    #he’s sure he had one    #maybe he broke it

Yeah, I can’t resist to reblog just to remind everybody that Thor fell for Jane Foster in the first place because she was so damn clever, and curious, and passionate about her work, and obstinate, and he was impressed and amazed and so touched to see the humans more resourceful than he thought and hey, here is another bit of Thor’s personality, he’s just so happy to have been proven wrong now that it allows him to see the best in people—

I just fail to understand why so many would dislike Jane Foster, and even more erase her character from their works; she is absolutely marvellous, both unbelievable and terribly realistic, adorable and awkward, driven but sweet, kind but relentless, and so fucking gifted. And there are people wondering why Thor is interested in her?! Argh!

Also this scene is quite wonderful: you have two people who had a crush on each other last time they met, but who have been unable to see each other since, and the current events are hardly allowing them to get to know each other better—and they kinda find themselves in the same situation they were last time, and you see how they reconnect and it’s just perfect. Perfectly untimely and a little bit tragic, too.

Re-reblogging for the commentary.

Where is this from?!?!?! I thought I watched all the deleted scenes on the blu-ray!

omgosh, Thor finding his old ball, and it’s broken, so he feels REALLY bad, but no one else has one that he’s friends with, and he can’t exactly take a ball away from one of the children—Jane probably wouldn’t like that and besides it’s not exactly behavior fitting the Prince of Asgard and protector of the nine realms. So he tries to fix up his childhood ball but blast it, he made it worse, oh pickles. Loki used to be good at this stuff, at the clever fiddly stuff. Thor was much better at throwing the ball really hard and shattering trees with it. 

So he brings the ball to Jane sheepishly on Earth with a bow tied around it and is like “I know you wanted a working one but this is my old one and it’s broken but I’d be honored if you had it. Perhaps you can keep it as a memento while I try and find you a working one.”

And Jane gasps and holds the ball tight to herself and she says “No, Thor!!! This is perfect!! This is even better. You gave me a BROKEN ball!! Now I can learn about it by trying to fix it!!!” And she hugs Thor and kisses Thor and they fall into her rickety little bed in her London flat and, oh, well: that’s something else Jane will have to fix in the morning, but Thor is pretty sure he can help with this one, it’s just slats of wood and hammering it in place, and if there’s one thing he’s pretty good at, it’s hitting things with his hammer.

(The hammer, in this case, is not his penis. Though he wouldn’t object if Jane wanted a round with that hammer before getting to work with a Migardian hammer in the morning. A non-penis Migardian hammer.)

And so the next morning Darcy makes tea and smiles real big at Thor as he sits shirtless at the kitchen table and drinks the terrible muddy water. He knows what Darcy is smiling at—it’s why he gave Jane back her robe before answering the door. He figured that Darcy is one of Jane’s friends and if something so simple as his Asgardian physique makes her happy, that’s something Thor could do.

So he sits int he kitchen and drinks tea and makes these strange little Migardians happy with his bare chest and some broken toy from when he was a child. It’s easy, to make them happy. But, Thor should be one to talk: He’s watching his Migardian lady with sleep-crusted eyes poking with metal tools at his broken childhood toy, and he’s pretty happy himself.

Now he just has to rebuild that bed.

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katniss is cold, rude, and not likable at all

-- yes because if your father died, if you watched your mother fall into depression, if you watched your family starve to death while also starving yourself, if you were treated like garbage your entire life because of your position in society WHICH WASNT EVEN DECIDED BY YOU, if you watched your little sister get reaped to her inevitable death and volunteered for her because you’d rather die and protect her, if you had to see so much blood that it haunted you every time you laid your head down at night, if you had to be reaped back into the arena, fight for your life and see even more blood, just to come out of it without any hope, thinking you’re going to be taken by the capitol and tortured, if you found out that your friends, people you saw day to day, innocent people, were set ablaze with firebombs, if you fought in a war and watched your friends die, watched your sister THE PERSON YOU TRIED SO HARD TO SAVE, BLOW UP RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES, you would be jumping on rainbows and smiling every bit of the way???? i think not  (via mynightmaresareaboutlosingyou)

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what i love about mythbusters is that once they bust a myth they manipulate their variables until something finally explodes bc we all know why you’re really watching this show