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What ya’ll think the News is?  It’s not a re-enactment of tragedy, but a creation of tragedy for entertainment.  Some may say the White man did not make the snake bite this boy; but you’d be surprised what white folk did to this boy and this snake that the boy is attacked by a snake in front of white folk. 

P.S. Rest assured that there’s more than one camera-man!  No excuse.

P.P.S. We to blame for keeping the White Man in our ancestral homeland!.

Ya’ll know this is actually from a tv show, “Nature’s Deadliest” right? A tv show that has nothing to do with National Geographic, I might add. So there’s the first tip-off. Let’s go over the orginal pic and some others I found  

You can tell the snake isn’t actually attacking because if it was, it would be biting down on her  (yes, her. That is most definitely a young girl)  while constricting around her chest. Instead, the bottom half of the snake’s body is just wrapped around the kid’s leg while the head is all the way off screen, not even near the child - as you can plainly see when the adult actor is unraveling the snake in the second picture. The python’s head is a good four feet from the part of its body that’s on the leg. If it Not efficient constriction at all. How is it supposed to suffocate her? Through her legs?  5/10 constriction would not recommend.

Not to mention that snake is in no way big enough to eat that child. It would split right open if it tried.  Snakes don’t constrict what they can’t eat, it wastes too much energy which, in the wild, can be the difference between life and death for a snake.  If it felt threatened by something it couldn’t eat, it would lash out and bite. Not loosely wrap its tail around the enemy’s leg while tra-la-laaing its upper body several feet away.

 And don’t even get me started on how ridiculous the third picture is. He’s basically just flailing around while holding the snake.   This is a completely chilled out snake. It’s clearly very used to humans.  It’s tightened around the leg in the first pic because that’s what snakes fucking do. Ever held one? They love to wrap parts of themselves around shit, especially if that shit is warm - as human body parts tend to be since we’re warm-blooded. 

I’m also 90% sure this is available on Netflix. 

So while you’re perfectly entitled to rant about white people on your tumblr, maybe do a quick reverse google image search first. 

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is eight years old, she’s got pink cheeks that her grandmother calls chubby. She wants a second cookie but her aunt says “you’ll get huge if you keep eating.” She wants a dress and the woman in the changing room says “she’ll probably need a large in that.” She wants to have dessert and her waiter says “After all that dinner you just had? You must be really hungry!” and her parents laugh.

is eleven and she is picked second-to-last in gym class. She watches a cartoon and sees that everyone who is annoying is drawn with a big wide body, all sweaty and panting. At night she dreams she is swelling like the ocean over seabeds. When she wakes up, she skips school.

is thirteen and her friends are stick-thin ballerinas with valleys between their hipbones. She is instead developing the wide curves of her mother. She says she is thick but her friends argue that she’s “muscular” and for some reason this hurts worse than just admitting that she jiggles when she walks and she’ll never be a dancer. Eating seconds of anything feels like she’s breaking some unspoken rule. The word “indulgent” starts to go along with “food.”

is fourteen and she has stopped drinking soda and juice because they bloat you. She always takes the stairs. She fidgets when she has to sit still. Whenever she goes out for ice cream, she leaves half at the bottom - but someone else always leaves more and she feels like she’s falling. She pretends to like salad more than she does. She feels eyes burrowing through her body while she eats lunch. Kate Moss tells her nothing tastes as good as skinny feels, but she just feels like she is wilting.

is fifteen the first time her father says “you’re getting gaunt.” She rolls her eyes. She eats one meal a day but thinks she stays the same size. Every time she picks up a brownie she thinks of the people she sees on t.v. and every time she has cake, she thinks of the one million magazine articles on restricting calories. She used to have no idea a flat stomach was supposed to be beautiful until she saw advice on how to achieve it. She cuts back on everything. She controls. They tell her she’s getting too thin but she doesn’t believe it.

is sixteen and tearing herself into shreds in order for a thigh gap big enough to hush the screams in her head. She doesn’t “indulge,” ever. She can’t go out with friends, they expect her to eat. She damns her sweet tooth directly to hell. It’s coffee for breakfast and tea for lunch and if there’s dance that evening, two cups of water and then maybe an apple. She lies all the time until she thinks the words will rot her teeth. She dreams about food when she sleeps. Her aunt begs her to eat anything, even just a small cookie. They say, “One bite won’t make you fat, will it, darling?”

is seventeen and too sick to go to prom because she can’t stand up for very long. She thinks she wouldn’t look good in a dress anyway. Her nails are blue and not because they are painted. Her hair is too thin to do anything with. She’s tired all the time and always distracted. She once absently mentions the caloric value of grapes to the boy she is with and he looks at her like she’s gone insane and in that moment she realizes most people don’t have numbers constantly scrolling in their heads. She swallows hard and tries to figure out where it all went wrong, why more than a granola bar for a meal makes her feel sick, why she tastes disease and courts with death. She misses sleep. She misses being able to dream. She misses being herself instead of just being empty.

is twenty and writes poetry and is a healthy weight and still fights down the voices every single day. She puts food in her mouth and sometimes cries about it but more and more often feels good, feels balanced. Her cheeks are pink and they are chubby and soft and no longer growing slight fur. Her hair is long and it is beautiful. She still picks herself apart in the mirror, but she’s starting to get better about it. She wears the dress she likes even if it only fits her in a large and she doesn’t feel like a failure for it. She is falling in love with the fat on her hips.

She is eating out with friends and not worrying about finding the lowest calorie item on the menu when she hears a mother tell her four year old daughter “You can’t have ice cream, we just had dinner.
You don’t want to end up as a fat little girl.”

-- Why do we constantly do this to our children? /// r.i.d  (via lilyskinned)

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How to read people’s minds.

Watch Those Pupils
A persons pupils get bigger when they are aroused, interested and/or receptive. If you look into his or her eyes and see those pupils growing large - it’s looking good for you. Basically big pupils (unless it’s just dark) mean a person likes what they see.

Try this experiment, and you’ll understand how immediate this effect can be. Go right now and look in the mirror at your own eyes. As you look at them, imagine a sexy man or woman you are attracted to - in whatever way would turn you on. You’ll see that your pupils get bigger in just seconds. Actually, if you love to fish, they may get big just thinking about a lake you love. Anything you like to look at can make your pupils bigger.

Now, there are two ways to use this.

1. Mind Reading
For the mind reading part, you can now watch for changing of pupil size to know if someone is interested in you or what you have to say. And yes, shrinking pupils generally do mean the person is not interested. Just be careful to note if light in the persons eyes is causing the shrinking pupils.

In addition to judging the general level of interest and/or receptivity to you, you can use pupil size to go a little
deeper into a person’s mind. For example, during the course of a conversation, you can describe various scenes or delve into different topics, while watching the persons pupils. If their pupils shrank at the mention of skiing, and got huge when you described a beach you like, you can be fairly certain they would like the Bahamas over a ski resort.

The great thing about this little trick is that you can easily test it and refine your technique. Start with a friend whose interests you know already, and watch their pupils as you describe various places or even ideas. See if getting them to visualize, by saying something “Remember how that car of yours looked,” gets a bigger pupil response.

2. Influencing
If you haven’t yet experimented with your own pupils, by watching them in the mirror, go try it now. You’ll find that you can quickly train yourself to change your pupil size at will. Just find a mental image or two that gets them really big, and use these as necessary. Look at a light briefly when you want to shrink your pupils back down. Now, how do you use this?

We all use little clues like pupil size as we interact with people. We are affected by people’s expressions and body language even when we haven’t yet learned to identify it. In other words - the person in front of you will unconsciously pick upon your enlarging pupils. They will unconsciously take this to mean that you like them,
and for many people, this will make them like you more.

Listen. This is the easiest and most effective way to read minds. Just pay attention, ask a few questions and listen to what they say about themselves.

Watch the Posture. Leaning towards indicates that the person is interested and receptive.

Watch For Hair Play. When women play with their hair while talking to you, it is almost always a sign of receptivity.

Watch the Mouth. A slightly open mouth is a sign of curiosity and interest.

Watch the Head. A tilting head, especially if it comes with a smile and eye contact, is a sign that the person likes you.

Watch the Eyes 
Here is what people’s minds are doing when they are thinking or asked to remember something. This is true for most right handed people (reverse all this for left-handed people): As you face them, and their eyes go:
Up and to the right - they are remembering a visual image.
Up and to the left - They are constructing a visual image.
To the right - They are remembering sounds or conversation.
To the left - The are constructing sounds or conversations.
Down and to the right - They are in an internal dialog.
Down and to the left - They are accessing kinesthetic feelings, tastes and smells.

How to influence the opposite sex:
Use Mirroring and Matching. Match the speed of your speech to that of the person you’re talking to. Sit like he or she is sitting. Use the words they use. This is a fast way to build rapport. Once there is a “bond” built, you can start to lead the conversation and actions where you want them to go.

Compliment Her or Him. Discover what the person is proud of first, then find a genuine way to compliment them in that area.

Listen. Always show a genuine interest in what the person is saying. Ask appropriate questions, so the person knows you’re paying attention. Use their interests to lead into a direction you want to go.

Make Good First Impressions. Men usually form a quick visual impression in less than 20 seconds, and then make another judgment based on appearance and personality within a couple minutes. Women usually place less immediate emphasis on appearance, and form an “intuitive” first impression in a couple minutes. The lesson? Work fast.

By Steve Gillman. Excerpt from “A Book of Secrets”

Oh my god, I honestly didn’t think this was going to work but it did and I am in awe right now. This is amazing. 

this would be really cool if my eyes weren’t as fucking black as the night sky


"a slightly open mouth is a sign of curiosity and interest"
Oh really now?


I can’t stop

I love how the spn fandom turns everything into an spn post or makes it about destiel

It’s just to prove that we aren’t crazy

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i feel like the weirdest thing in the whole world is that purses are considered to be like, for girls„„ in society……. i mean like……….. everybody has objects that need to be carried. why would that be a girl thing? carrying objects? a girl only thing?

can the science side of tumblr expalin this

because men get to carry things in their fully funcTIONAL POCKETS OF THEIR CLOTHING

**which for some brilliant reason, girls don’t have****

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watch it

I don’t care how many times I re blog this, I can relate to this kid. How come people find autism funny to make fun of? Eg “god he’s an autistic piece of crap.”
Anyways, this kid describes my life through his speech :,) my friends tend to never speak with me in real life and internet (except a few). And this kid is more has more guts than me for standing up in front like that.

Bless this kid. God bless him.

Do you know how big a deal this is people.

This kiddo has Autism.  Something that really makes it difficult for someone to use their principle functions.  That can and often includes the ability to understand and comprehend Social skills.  It doesn’t matter if your high-functioning, low-functioning, or Aspergic, Social Skills are something we are left without growing up and we have to work our asses off to develop those skills to the point where we can be seen as the same.  It was something that was so important for me to learn that it became my number one priority.  Hell my academic studies often took the back seat to my social studies.  It was important to my because I got teased, I got bullied, I would get picked on because they knew they could rile me up and yank my chain.  They knew they would get a reaction out of me and they didn’t care how it made me feel.  They just wanted to get a laugh at the expense of the weird kid.  I was lucky I had at least 1 friend at each school I went to that would stand up for me and help me whenever this happened.  I worked so I could fit in, so I could make myself less of a target for the people to pick on.  I worked to make myself normal, so I could fit in.

Now think about how absolutely TERRIFYING it is for him to be able to stand up in the middle of his PE class and actually talk about what he’s feeling, and how other people are making him feel.  You hear those ‘likes’ he’s sputtering out?  That’s his mouth trying to keep up with every little thing that is racing through his mind right now, and let me tell you, we kids who have Autism and Aspergers our minds work considerably faster than the average person’s.  This kid is struggling to say what he’s feeling, and he’s struggling hard, but he’s still pushing forward, he’s going to say what he’s feeling and he does.  AND THAT IS MOTHERFUCKING AMAZING.  I never had that courage myself when I was growing up, I was scared, I was afraid I’d be signaled out, I felt it’d just signal me out even more than I already was.  So all I did was listen to the adults and just ‘ignored’ the kids who were bullying me.  And in hindsight, I wish I could have gone back and stood up for myself.

What makes me really mad though, is those kids who just sat there laughing.  FUCK. THOSE. BRATS.  I can tell you with a good deal of certainty that those are the little shits this kid has to deal with.  And he knows it too!  He acknowledges the fact that those kids are laughing at him, and I can see that anger and frustration that is seated in him, I can see that hurt in his eyes when he says “I see you laughing.”  And in my case if I had done what this kid did at that age I would have gone over, and I would have started getting really agitated and running my mouth, but this kid doesn’t, he keeps calm and doesn’t lash out at them and I respect him for that a lot.

This is why it bugs me so often when people on the internet use autism and aspergers as the butt of a joke or as an insult, hell I don’t even know what it’s fucking connotations as an insult are!!  But it’s fucking god damn infuriating!  This kid has Autism, but you’re only seeing the Autism, you aren’t seeing him.  You aren’t understanding that beyond that label is a kid just as unique and varied as any one of your normal friends.

I don’t like writing huge walls of text, but in this case I’m tired of seeing post after post about kids with Autism getting bullied or not getting the help and support they need.  I’m finally giving my two cents on this topic and I’m giving every bit of worth those two cents have.  I’m tired of seeing this bullying go unchecked, I’m tired of people not seeing kids with autism and needing support and help, rather than time outs and detentions.  I’m tired of people throwing the word Autistic around on the internet as some piece of unjustified fucking slander.  I’m tired of having to remind myself that my Asperger’s isn’t something to be ashamed of.

Sure, we kids with Autism and Aspergers don’t have the best social skills or control over our emotions.  When we get angry we burn our anger really intensely, like a fucking magnesium burn.  There’s a reason they’re called meltdowns.  But these are skills we can learn, these are things we can develop when we’re given the proper help and support.  You know what else?  We kids with Autism and Aspergers are really god damn fucking smart!  My own IQ is 124!  I’m bordering on the upper percentile of the Above Average grade!  But the years of teasing and bullying has left me with the shittiest self-esteem that I barely even believe that I am smart!  This is what happens when we get bullied and teased incessantly while we grow up, and I am sick to death of it, because I’m in college and I haven’t even escaped this shit on the GODDAMNED INTERNET.  I don’t want any other kid to have to go through this.  I don’t want to have any other kid make an excuse to go to the bathroom so he can run and hide in the library and cry! I don’t want any other kid to get beat up on the playground just because he wants to play by himself.  When I’m a father, I will not fucking tolerate this shit from any other kid.  I will stand up for my children when they’re too scared to do so themselves, I will protect them from the kind of shit that has made me feel worthless and retarded.

So watch this video, and understand just how fucking important it really is, and how brave this kid was.

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Don’t know if we can look at Coke every the same way again. Be prepared to cringe when you watch the full video  here. 

sugar caramelizes when heated, more shocking news to follow

It’s like that guy setting coffee creamer on fire and being like “people drink this stuff!” and it’s like yeah, a dry powder suspended in air is flammable, shock horror.


Never show these guys how candy is made, they’ll shit themselves.

*quietly facepalms forever*

I hate when people try to prove foods are unhealthy using properties utterly unrelated to their value as foods.  You can make anything sound gross if you want to.

Did you know that salt is the same chemical we use to defrost sidewalks?!?!

Did you know that water is a major component in pig urine?!?!

Did you know that bread is made of wheat that has been ground into a powder and artificially reconstituted into a loaf shape using a fungus?!?!

Did u know that oxygen is what Hitler used to breathe?????

Bless all this

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Becoming true friends with a cosplayer means learning what their real hair  looks like.




The best part of the video may be when Jackson addresses the comments she’s heard about her daughter and sets the record straight about statements like you “wanted a girl so you turned your child into one” and “kids have no idea what they want or who they are — my kids wants to be a dog, should I let him?”

So watch the full video to see her answers to those difficult questions here.

Chills down my whole body. This is how parents should react.

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